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Theme Securities is a service oriented organisation headed by Mr Vineet Jain. It is a professional firm offering extensive research, business & investment solutions to global clients. Our solutions are empowered by innovative & state-of-the-art technologies which help our clients to improvise business & operational performance to outperform competitors. Our clients have a vested interest in optimum utilization of financial resources & they approach us to get the maximum returns.Theme Securities deals in stock trading, demat, insurance, tax planning and mutual fund advisory business.


What is THEME?
Theme Securities is a service oriented organization that provides you with the Art of investing. We present you with a whole set of ideas and techniques for generating the best possible returns out of your investment portfolio.

About Us..!
Our efficient research team keeps a track record of the Asset Allocations, P/E’s of the funds along with the in-depth study of equities as a whole. This gives a scientific backing to the ART of Investments which we provide. We use various financial tools and softwares to determine the best possible investment for our clients.
Our Locations?
We have our operations all over India and our growth rate have been above 100 percent in the last one year. At present we have two branch offices and our head office is in Kolkata. 
Our JOB?
At Theme we help you to understand the need of a professional investment portfolio which every individual must have in the current scenario. We have a robust online portfolio system where our investors can enrol and access their portfolio anytime and anywhere. This portfolio gets updated in real time, thus you always get an up to date portfolio. One can also subscibe to our monthly newsletter through our website and join us on facebook and twitter, which enables you to keep a track record of your funds movement and the movements taking place in the economical scenario of the nation and the globe at large. We also provide consultancy services in Real Estate sector. Thus we encourage investments in Mutual Funds, Real Estate and Secondary Markets (stock market) for this purpose. Our main aim is to minimize the risk and deliver best possible returns.
Something about our Clients..!
We have both corporate as well as HNI clients along with a massive retail cliental base. We have been providing the best possible service to our clients and that’s the reason that our clients have never moved out or have looked towards any other similar service provider.
We have been successful in providing our clients with the kind of returns they are looking forward to. In general we have been providing a return of 15* to 25%* to our clients.
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Disclaimer: Mutual funds are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing. Past performance may or may not be sustained in future.
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