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Real Estate   

Real Estate is one of the asset classes which is considered safer than equities. The reason lies in the fact that Equities are very volatile and one can witness very sharp movements in a short span of time. This volatility is not there in Real Estate sector as its prices are not determined by an Exchange. The price of a Real estate is determined by the prevailing property rates of that surrounding area, the corporation taxes of the area, age and type of the property. Thus it becomes very important for an Investor to seek proper guidance while considering investments in Real Estate.

Diversification is the key to any investment portfolio and thus one cannot ignore the Real Estate sector. Theme Securities specializes in investments in Real Estate sector. Till date we have successfully completed more than 500 Real Estate deals and we receive repeated inquiries from our existing customers.

We are distributors to leading financial institutions and banks to help our clients get Home loans, Car loans, Personal loans and various other types of loans. We have a comprehensive Real Estate investment model designed for our clients which delivers much better returns that what a general investor without any expertise in this sector may get.


Theme Securities offers following services in  Real Estate Investments:-

  • Identification of need of Real Estate Investment in your portfolio
  • Determining the amount to be alloted to Real Estate
  • Nature of Investment viz. Investment in Land, Commercial or Residential Property, Rental Income generating property
  • Arranging Loans and Advances if required
  • Selecting the Best property according to your need
  • Negotiating the Best price for you
  • Arranging Legal guidance for you if required
  • Faciltating Mortgage Loans
  • Step by Step Involvement at every stage in case of a construction of a new building / factory etc.
  • Customised planning and services as per customer's special needs.


We say this to all our clients and one should always remember this.
Real Estate price is never too high, or never too low, as you will always find a buyer and a seller making a deal at every price. It is a demand and suppy environment where if you are too eager to buy then you have to pay an escalated price and if you are too eager to liquidate your asset then you may have to sell it at a discounted price and visa versa.


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Disclaimer: Mutual funds are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing. Past performance may or may not be sustained in future.
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